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The footnotes of the selected scripture are shown including the text of each verse. Verses with reciprocal footnotes are shown by highlighting the word that refers back to the selected verse.

Footnotes for both the 1979/1981 and the 2013 editions are included showing any changes in lettering or verses referenced.

Incoming Footnotes  

Incoming footnotes are footnotes elsewhere in the scriptures that refer to the selected verse, but are not shown in the outgoing footnotes for that verse. There are approximately 7500 incoming footnote references in the standard works.

Citation - General Conference

This tool lists general authority conference talks that refer to the selected verse.

Citation - Bible Dictionary (Reverse Bible Dictionary)

The footnotes of the standard works only directly refer to the Bible Dictionary 19 times. This tool lists any bible dictionary entries that refers to the selected verse. There are almost 10,000 references to specific scripture blocks in the LDS Bible Dictionary.

Word Frequency & Emphasis Scriptures

This tool answers: 1) Are any words repeated (emphasized) in this verse? 2) What words are repeated (emphasized) in nearby verses? 3) What words are repeated (emphasized) in this chapter?

Selecting a word of interest on the left returns a list of related emphasis scriptures on the right. This list answers the question: What scripture blocks repeat or emphasize the selected word the most?

To learn more about emphasis scriptures click here.

Scripture Presentation Engine

Coming Soon - This tool will provide some new ways to present and share scriptural patterns and scripture marking concepts.

Citation - Other

Coming Soon - This tool lists general authority talks, speeches, books, etc. that refer to the selected verse.

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